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Walker Tire & Auto Service is the Home of the FREE Oil Change. Click here to learn more about our Free Oil Change Offer with your 4-tire purchase!


Walker Tire & Auto Service is family owned, local company and has proudly served Omaha since 1951...and we pride ourselves on being your "Trusted" auto service professional, providing a wide variety of tires and other car care services to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Offering four convenient locations in Omaha, we are here to help our customers get the most out of their vehicles.


Our tire experts are here to help you make sense of all of the tire choices, to help you get the right tire traction and performance for your vehicle based on what works best for your driving needs! CALL or CLICK HERE to contact our experts.

Walker Tire & Auto Service offers a full line of brands, sizes, and services for tires:

  • Tires for cars, light commercial, trucks, and SUVs
  • Performance tires
  • Specialty tires
  • Snow tires
  • Better Brands -- Better Warranties

We are experts when it comes to mounting, balancing, fixing, changing or aligning tires, and can handle all of your tire needs.

Car Care Services

Our ASE technicians are trained to take care of your vehicle service needs, including Oil Changes, Transmission Service, Brakes, Alternators, Fuel Injector Service, Batteries & Electrical, and MORE!! To schedule your next service appointment, CLICK HERE.


Walker Tire & Auto Service offers convenient payment and finance options for your tire purchases and/or to get the services you need done NOW! For more information on Ways To Pay, CLICK HERE.


Railroad Ave Location
Walker Tire's first Omaha location on Railroad Avenue.

1951. It was the year I Love Lucy premiered on CBS. Bread was 16 cents a loaf and a postage stamp cost less than a nickel. It was also the year Walker Tire began in Lincoln, Nebraska. This flagship location is still in business at 9th & M Streets.

Back in those days out here in the middle part of America, it was just expected that you'd get good value for your dollar. People just didn't take too kindly to being cheated, and businesses that didn't treat you right didn't last too long. It's just the way it was. It was a slower time, a more honorable time. A time when you could figure if you needed to buy tires, the guy behind the counter would give you good advice and sell you what you needed. A time when you could figure if you took your car in to be fixed, it would be fixed right. Period.

89th & L Location
As Walker Tire expanded, a new store opened at 89th & L in Omaha in 1964.

Times have changed. Oh sure, we still love Lucy. We always will. But bread? We're more concerned about its fiber content and whether or not it's made with whole grains than we are with price. And as for stamps, some of us send so many emails that we can't remember the last time we bought postage stamps.

9th & M Location
At the 9th & M store in Lincoln, a Walker Tire service technician puts tubes and flaps in truck tires in the early 1970s.

Walker has changed, too. We've added more products and services. We've added more locations. We became the ONLY licensed Woman-Centric Matters!® center in the Midwest, and the first one in America!

But one thing never has changed at Walker Tire and Auto Service. And it never will. That one thing is our commitment to the same wholesome, honest values Walker started out with in 1951. Those values were important then, and they're just as important now. Old fashioned? Maybe. But we're proud of the fact that at Walker Tire and Auto Service we can look you in the eye and know we always do our best for you.

89th & L Location
Newly remodeled in 2007, the 89th & L store in Omaha became the 1st licensed Woman-Centric Tire & Auto Center in America.

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